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Latvia welcomes big investment 65.5- million-euro (93-million-dollar) from Norwegian building firm BAU HOW.

Bau-How recently invested in Latvia


Norway's Bau-How construction modules maker is planning to start the production of dwelling house modules in the territory of Ventspils freeport in northwestern Latvia in September 2009, according to information posted on the company's website.

Bau-How says it will initially lease a brand new factory from Heimdal Building Systems International AS, situated in the freeport 800 meters from where BAU-HOW is erecting our own factories in Ventspils.

The company notes that the module constructions will be made for the Scandinavian market and that up to four factories could set up in Ventspils.

According to information at BNS disposal, Bau-How is set to provide more exhaustive information on its business plans in Latvia next week, on Jun. 3.

Bau-How has plants in such countries as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. The company makes steel modules that are used in the construction of multi-apartment houses.

HBSI Production, the Latvian daughter of Norwegian company Heimdal Byggsystem International AS, from which Bau-How is leasing the factory, announced in mid-2007 about plans to build a plant in Ventspils. The freeport let the company a 7.6 hectares land plot for this purpose.

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