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NAI ReStore Launches Real Estate Advisory Service for Franchise Industry

NAI Baltics in cooperation with NAI REStore

NAI ReStore Launches Real Estate Advisory Service for Franchise Industry

 NAI ReStore, the retail arm of NAI Global, announced today the launch of NAI ReStore Franchising, a real estate advisory service for franchisors and franchisees as well as leading retailers expanding globally with local licensees and partners.

NAI ReStore Franchising is an accumulation of best practices learned from working with leading retailers and retail property owners worldwide while completing billions of dollars worth of retail real estate transactions.

“After experiencing the trials of too many brands expanding into unknown lands and relying on local guidance without reliable customized data, proper due diligence, site selection expertise and viable development partners, we decided to build a better mousetrap,” said David Solomon, President of NAI ReStore. “NAI ReStore Franchising represents nothing short of a revolution for retailers, franchisors and franchisees who want to expand their global store networks prudently and profitably. Our program can help them grow seamlessly across 55 countries, allowing them to expand intelligently and optimize the value of their store network as they expand.”

NAI ReStore Franchising provides clients with access to best-in-class global market analytics, site selection, tenant representation, acquisition/disposition, development, property management and other retail real estate advisory services. This comprehensive service offering enables any retailer, franchisor or franchisee to manage, optimize and expand its real estate network locally, nationally and/or globally.

Retail chain and franchise clients tap into NAI ReStore Franchising’s one-stop solutions to streamline their commercial real estate and property management efforts, and gain access to the same level of commercial real estate expertise enjoyed by large corporations, said Solomon. By consistently targeting the best market opportunities (pairing and prioritizing markets with the highest concentrations of target customers, strongest product demand and minimal competition/supply), valuing them appropriately, executing on site selection with more pinpoint accuracy, and steam-lining dispositions with greater speed and savings, clients will be better able to maximize their opportunities for expansion success.

Solomon and his family have a long history of investing in and building successful retail concepts in the US and abroad. including founding one of the first international franchises of Toys “R” Us, buying the rights to an international retail concept for the US that was sold to a subsidiary of McDonald’s and which is now in over 12,000 locations, building the largest Boston Chicken franchise, and others. That time-tested knowledge led to the creation of NAI ReStore Franchising in an effort to help other retailers, franchisors and franchisees streamline their expansion process, benefitting from NAI ReStore’s global infrastructure, manpower, technology and overall resources as well as the extensive experience of Solomon and his world-class staff.

NAI ReStore provides comprehensive retail real estate services, including leasing, sales, tenant representation, geo-demographic analysis, and site selection services to national and international retailers and retail property owners. For more information about NAI ReStore Franchising, visit www.nairestore.com.

source : NAI Global

Issued by NAI Global www.naiglobal.com / Published to the Site www.naibaltics.com by NAI Baltics – commercial real estate services in the Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Your trustworthy partner, advisor and consultant in the Baltics and Worldwide. http://www.naibaltics.com

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